About Us


In the late 1880’s, Splendora, Texas was known as "Cox’s Switch".  This came about due to the fact that Charles Cox was instrumental in having the HE&WT Railroad put in a narrow gage spur from Houston for cross ties and lumber.  This created many railroad and sawmill related jobs.  W. W. Burrow, who moved here in 1883 built the first general store in Cox’ Switch shortly after the railroad track was completed from Houston.  In 1896, a Gentleman by the name of Mr. King decided on the name of Splendora because of the splendor of it and its floral environment.

During the late 1800's, the "main street" of Splendora was the railroad track.  People walked, rode horses, and drove wagons and buggies along the track.  On Sundays everyone turned out to meet the train at the depot where the train was their only connection to Houston or any means of communication.  It brought the mail, packages, payroll, and often visitors.

Today, the proud City of Splendora, still resides north of Houston and stays true to it's community traditions.  Every year the city hosts it's annual Founder's Day parade and festivities to bring everyone together and celebrate the city's history.

For some good ole' community fun for the whole family to enjoy, come on out and join us for some live music, fun for all ages, and of course some serious cook-off action!  That being said- See ya there!

General Information

Founder's Day will be held in the middle of town. From City Hall, down 2090, there will be some exciting stuff to see!!!!

The INFORMATION BOOTH will be located @ the gazebo where you can sign up for events, buy T-Shirts, pick up a schedule, etc. This will be open starting Friday @ 5:00 p.m.

Dog Show and Hula Hoop contest entries will be taken until starting times, this will be on Saturday, May 11. Times will be posted soon. 

Please come and join the festivities! There will be plenty to see and enjoy!


Splendora Founder's Day Society was formed in 1981 to promote a foundation for community involvement. The SFDS hosts an annual festival which includes a Parade, Craft Show, Kids' games, BBQ Cook-Off, Fun Run, Saturday night Street Dance and much more.

The annual festival is known to most locals and many others in the surrounding communities and has become an anticipated event each year. The 2019 festival, which will kick off on May 10, 2019, is no exception.